Welcome To Extreme Cues League Rules

Thank you for your iterest in joining our league. Please review our custom rules before you decide to register/sign up.

All Members must agree to abide by the following rules and accept that violation of these rules may result in a warning, lowing of rank, being put in penalty box or being removed from the league.


Timers are 5 minutes in all regular game, Finals are 5 minutes, Before the actually starts. After the game begins, Game Desire table timers will be used. Tournament Directors has final say in their timers.


A) You are required to show sportsmanship by saying Good Luck (GL), and after the eight (8) ball has fallen, you are required to say Good Game (GG), (good game may not be said before the 8 ball has been pocketed). Poor Sportsmanship is subject to penalties.

B) Once a match is completed, Both players are advised to report win/losses in the lobby. (ex. Mitch wins vs Scottie LP vgg)

C) More than one tournament can be ran at a time. When more than one tournament is running you are required to say whitch game the reports are for.

D) Do not jump ahead of the TD. Wait for the TD to post pairs, than they will be ready to take reports. not following this can cause confusion for staff.

E) The TD hosting is in control of their tourney game matches, and any issues(problems), need to be taken to them for a solution.

F) Tables are to be set at, NO Second Moved Time and 10 minute Game Time, unless the tournament being ran requires a ifferent set up which will be specified by the TD. All table need to be set with a 7 minute disconnection time and also set as a SafeGame. Invites are to be sent to the hosting TD, if needed.

G) All tournaments are played as No Ball In Hand, Unless otherwise posed by the hosting TD in the lobby.

H) Re-raks are allowed if any of the following conditions occur:
* The 8-ball has been sunk directly on the breck.
* Less than a total of 5 balls have been pocketed.
* 8 ball sunk before stripes/solids have been established.
* In the case of an incorrect table set-up.

I) HANGER RULE - If the 8 ball is hanging in a pocket that is not either player's designated pocket, and it is impossible to move, then the game will revert to a SINGLE BANK THE CUE. call the TD for verification, if needed. If you disagree with the decision, please contact an ADMIN.


A) There is only one league account per user.
B) Multiple accounts will be kicked, unless you have notified an Admin.
C) You must be on your league ID when playing league games, or taking part in tournaments.


A) There is NO cursing/profanity towards ANY fellow league members/staff in the lobby, or at open tables.
B) Please try to refrain from agruing with non-league members as much as possible.
C) No nasty comments/remarks/statements are to be made at a table, or in the lobby, pertaining to members, staff, or the league.


A) Aimer accusations are NOT allowed. We all know aimers are out there. Don't like it -- don't play.
B) If you suspect a member of cheating please notify an Admin. We will investigate, and handle it to the best of our ability.


A) League Game: The top 10 Ranked league members must make every attempt to remain active in play so that others may have a shot at the top 10 ranking positions. #1 STANDING POSITION MUST BE ACTIVE - inactivity exceeding 3 days will result in being dropped in rank.

B) Winner of the TOC will be moved up to Rank 1 position, and runner up to Rank 2 position. A ranking tournament may be held each month at random times. Wimmers will be moved i rank.

C) League Races- Make sure both players are under 100% agreement on the terms of the race BEFORE beginning, For extra precautions, you may take a screeshot of the terms of the race. Only send i the screenshot to an admin if a problem occurs following the completion of the race. League Races must be reported within 15 min unless a different time period is agreed upon by both players. After 15 minutes, please file a single unreported match stating the total number of reports. First violation for not reporting >> Losses reported; warning. Second vioation >> Losses reported ; loss of rank ; unreported matches marked to league account.. Third violation >> Extensive amonth of time of league probation (PD Box) NO EXCEPTIONS!! Leaving in middle of league race ordisappearing = forfeiting and you must report the race!
LEAGUE RACES CAN ALSO BE FRIENDLY WAGERSBETS!!! But proof of wager must be presented in a screenshot if failure to be reported.


A) THis is a NO snookering league. Unless it is an Anything Goes game, or TD says OK for a specific game.

B) Acciental snookers happen in all games, it happens, just make an honest attempt at all your shots - NO Obvious Tapping!!!

C) Notify a TD or Admin, if you have this happen in a tourney game.


>A) All staff application need to be filled out completely, unless otherwise from one of the Admins.

B) TD's are encouraged to run at least one(1) tournament a week. HTD's are encouraged to run three(3) tournaments a week. Admins are encouraged to delegate when necessary.

C) Staff members are expected to be respetful and helpful at all times. Remember that you represent this league (Pool Dreams). Lobby conduct and behavior are important and your words and actions do hae a huge effect on how the league is viewed by others.

D) Please make sure there is ALWAYS 30 minutes between any tourney you make, this leaves a 15 minute gap for another TD to slip one in.


All rules are open to interpretationunderstanding, if you need clarification on any of the rules, feel free to contact one of our admins, and remember if an Admin tell you it is a rule, then it is. No Arguing.

Pool Dreams Admin Team

Updated July, 3, 2018
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